Sunday, July 29, 2007

what I'm on

I have a couple different things on the needles (and hooks)
for starters I'm crocheting an afghan that's huge!!! but its really fun to do (except when its 95 degrees ) The colors I'm using are Caron one pound purple and Violet.
i always have a sock in progress(for knitting socks i use 2 circulars needles) this time i have Regina bamboo in a beautiful green and blue and pinks.
I'm also knitting a coat that will i will then felt (no matter how many times you felt something its still terrifying ((or is it me)) that you could mess it up and turn a huge tote bag in to a coin purse) and will make an adorable fall jacket for my dog. (shell find a way out of it in 2 minutes flat)
some people (muggles) think it odd (read crazy) to be knitting with wool in summer when its 94 degrees outside. i think its perfectly sane to prepare for the coming season's. That is why i am knitting a pair of gloves. using valley yarns Berkshire in plum I'm knitting the wave warmers i have one done and will be starting the second one soon.
the other thing that's a wip is Maggie's felted tote from fiber trend's. that's fun to do. very mindless.
i think that's it there might be a project or two that I'm missing.
but for the most part that its.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

the start

hi im bea and i love to knit and crochet and thats what ill be blogging about.
i will also discuss the books ive read(theres alot of them)