Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm not dead yet

"well, thats what they always say" Yes, I am a huge nerd, why do you ask?
To sum up the past 2 months in a very short sentence, got sick, hurt my knee, my cat ran away, knee got better, got very sick, landed in the hospital, got out of the hospital, cat came back over two weeks later, slid on steps and hurt my knee. Again. this morning.
In between getting poked and prodded by needles and coughing up my little brains (fyi, artery blood draws hurt. OMG do they ever) I managed to do some knitting and cooking!
Over the weekend, I made these cookies and they are by far the best peanut butter blossom cookies EVER. I changed up the recipe a bit, adding in a bit more vanilla and upped the brown sugar to half a cup. I also baked them a bit longer, about 13 minutes.
And as for the knitting, I made this last year but just got around to uploading it (the gnomes returned the camera, now if only they'd return my cell phone). I just love this photo of Asta and I,

the pattern is quant from knitty,a great intro to entrelac if you're new to it. Raveled about it here.
Around the same time, I also knit up a handspun hat. Handspun hats are my drug, I swear. Raveled here!

this weekend, Cpaag group on rav had an auction for japan. I, being me, knit up and designed a knitted boob washcloth. I'm working on the pattern, and even have a few test knitters for it! If you want to test it, just pm me on rav. I'll publish it here this month, I hope.

I'm very happy with how it turned out, just like what I pictured!
As of right now, I'm stuck sitting and knitting and watching dvds and netflix. Which is just so horrible.