Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm back from rhinebeck! My mother and I went to the festival, which was amazing. I got some awesome stuff like STR mills end and rare gems (which I stood in line for twice, once to get into to booth and then I stood for about an hour to pay for it), Ellen's half pint, some spindles (my mom got me a spindle from Jesh for Christmas! It's so pretty), fleeces (Umm, I kinda went INSANE in the fleece building and got ummm 7. Yah. INSANE) my parents got me a spinning wheel that I'm not allowed to touch till Christmas. I love it. It's a kromski, the traveling one. I haven't named it yet, I figure I have time. I met Franklin, who's so sweet
(he signed my book, "Love you, love the boobs! (in case you don't know, I'm known in the cpa group on rav for having huge boobs). I didn't take a lot of photos because I was having so much fun, I forgot. But I had a blast. And now I'm sick. I had bronchitis before we left and thought I was over it, but turns out I wasn't so it came back. Now, I can't visit my grandfather since I'm sick. I didn't blog about that hellish ordeal did I? Here it goes, the short version. On Monday, (the week we leave for rhinebeck) my mom is told that her dad is getting kicked out on Thursday. This was after being told on Friday that he would be in there for another few weeks. She has 2 days to find a place for him. While doing things for rhinebeck. So after spending all of Tuesday on the phone, she has some meetings to see places the next day (Wednesday). She tours them and picks one (which we'll talk about later). Thursday, she has to pick him up and take him to the new place, sign a billion papers, and stuff like that. She's done with everything at about oohh 7pm? We then drive to Weavers (country store, think department store) to get sneakers (I got silver and pink) came home packed and then Friday, we left for rhinebeck. Needless to say, we were pooped.
About the place he's at now. When my mother went to tour the place, there were people playing games and having fun, she assumed that he would like it there. All he does now is call up and say how bored he is and that there's nothing to do. Now, every time she goes there, no one is playing any games or in the common rooms. My parents are going to talk to the people tomorrow because there is a move-in fee of $750 and mom is thinking of putting him someplace else since he hates it so much. You have to give 30 days notice, so whats the point of paying the VERY large "move-in" fee if he's going to leave next month? We'll see how that goes.
Since it's been quite a while since my last post (I swear, I'm going to post more, now that I don't melt when knitting with wool, or when I touch anything) I do have some FO's. I need to get some photos for some of them, like my dads balaclava. It's DONE! Took about a year to make, and I might have been crying in joy when I bound it off. That's the only thing I worked on at rhinebeck, I was so determined to finish it. It's sooo perfect and he loves it. Over the weekend, I'll try and get a picture. I made a cowl that I also need a FO pic, I knitted the Subway mittens which need to be sewn up and photographed (since I don't ride the subway, I've decided to call them Runny nose mitts. I'm going to keep tissues in the pocket)I did finish the Swirly O's socks from the knitters book of patterns (if you don't have the book, you have to get it. It explains so much, and the patterns are great. And it's on sale at knitpicks this month!).
Yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Wild raspberry, needles were 3.25 mm (what was called for), and I don't think I did any mods. There are 3 repeats on the foot which isn't the 6'' they called for, but I like it better this way.
I also made my very first pair of fetchings! I now get why this is so popular. When I was finished binding off the thumb, I had this much left.
The yarn is Noro Cash Iroha in a gold color, needles 6 (as called for) Mods~ I knit 15 rows instead of 18, 3 thumb rows instead of 4, and I bound off in the rib pattern. PA231216
Love the pattern, we'll see how the yarn holds up. I'm wearing them as I type. Incredibly warm. I think I'll be making a lot of these this winter.
I have been doing a bit of spindling. I got this batt from an etsy seller since I bought some of her yarn. PA211160
I think it's an ounce so I'm trying to think about what to make out of it. Maybe a headband? Bookmark? Right now, I'm spinning up some roving I got at Rhinebeck. O.M.G. Its like spinning malabrigo. And I'm using one of my new spindles! It's beyond yummy.
Now that I caught you up, I need to get to bed. Tomorrow, I'm seeing Meatloaf! YAHH!!!!