Monday, February 7, 2011

Different verse, same as the first

Concussion is almost gone, I still get waves of WHOOOOOOOOEEEEE every once in a while,but those moments are only moments and are gone rather fast.
but, it has been replaced by Death by Snot cold of 2011 (it is still odd to type 2011) and I have lost my voice. I am now reduced to texting and making motions as to what I want. I'm hoping I'm better by mid-week because I'm really sick of being sick. and I want to bake.
I did finish a pair of socks! YAH! first socks of 2011 (nope, still weird). I need to get photos,but i snapped a quick pic with my crapy phone.

the yarn was flat feet, and it's a basic toe up pattern 60 stitches on a us 2, I think.
In other news, my Grandfather fell out of bed on Friday morning, and broke his hip. We had no idea, no one called us. Friday, late evening, the doctor at the ER called and told us. He had a partial hip replacement and is doing well.
Meanwhile, we're iced in the house. Poor Asta slid on the ice yesterday trying to go out. I know, I know.I love snow. but I do not love ice. At all. bad ice. Bad Bad Bad ice.
I heard we might get another storm this week.I hope it's snow! *ducks and covers*