Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watson and the skylight

Watson and the skylight by ktb83
Watson and the skylight, a photo by ktb83 on Flickr.

My cat is weird. And so very adorable.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's on my needles

I have a tendency to start something, and then... well start something else. I'm trying to fix this, but so many things yell at me to make them. Mostly in british accents.
I have: (to my best recollection)
two mkal shawls
five pairs of socks
one pair of mittens- that are so close to being done, one nights worth of knitting, and bam, mittens
One hat (the mittens and the hat are christmas gifts...)
One cowl
One sweater- currently on hold because I thought I lost the yarn, so i ordered more, and it turns out I didn't lose it.
One pair of slippers that I lost the pattern to. It's somewhere in one of the many boxes that I still have to unpack.
One pair of slippers that have been in time out because I messed up the stitch count and have to frog them.
Three shawls that are for my mom- which really need to be finished (altho I just cast on for her latest birthday shawl)
One never ending I will die before I finish this thing scarf
And my new stick weaving nook cover thing.
Since I feel a bout of spring cleaning about to take place soon (which will even include washing my skylight, still figuring that one out) I think I'll also do some spring finishing! Some of these things just have a bit left to do, others have hours and hours of work to finish them. Either way, this will be fun! Maybe. What about you? Feel like doing any spring finishing?
Of course, what would knitting be without watching some netflix? Asta loves watching tv with me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Wednesday night, after I drove my mother to pt, a kidney doctor (she's fine! YAH), we went to the local knit night at Flying Fiber. My mother bought me a stick weaving kit, and since then, I've been somewhat obsessed. just a tad! This is my practice piece, the yarn came with the sticks

then I made a head band!

(like my view?)

A coffee sleeve I need to sew together and take pictures of
I made a mug rug, that also needs to be sewn together (I adore this)

And I was playing around with using two colours, and decided to make a book mark. Only afterwords, did I realize that the colours were Ravenclaw colours!

Now, I'm making a small bag to keep my nook in. The yarn is Paton's wool, and I'm just in love with how it stripes up!

I also finished my mystery shawl, and Asta approves! now I have to weave in all the ends, wash and block, and get proper photos!