Thursday, April 17, 2008

How much knitting can you get done in an ER?

About 3 inches on a sock it seems.
So my mother has had a migraine for 3 weeks now and last week it was so bad that at 2:30am Wednesday night (Thursday morning) I drove my mom to the ER. Two hours later I had 4 inches on my sock. I did have one inch. I think that's pretty considering how much you get shuffled around. This is the sock. I finished the first one last year and am just now getting around to the second one. Yes I know. I had a bit (OK a lot) of SSS.

It's just a 2x2 ribbing using Crystal Palace Maizy Print in Springtime. Which makes me want to sing "Springtime for Hitler and Germany Deutschland is happy and gay!" from the movie "The Producers". Bet that song is stuck in your head now huh? Anyway, the cool thing about the yarn is that it's 82% corn fiber, 18% elastic nylon! How cool is that? The yarn is a bit splity but so far it hasn't pilled or anything.

So, I casted on for my Cat purse using the same weight yarn and needles that the pattern called for. But I didn't bother to do a swatch (I hate swatching!) so I was looking at the pattern yesterday and it said the gauge should be 11 stitches for 4 inches. And that is not what I'm getting at all. I'm getting 5 stitches an inch. Do the math. Yeah. But I think that 11 an inch is too loose. And since the pattern calls for doubling worsted weight wool and using size 9 needles, I'm going to guess that unless you knit VERY VERY VERY VERY loosely there's no way you'll be getting that gauge. So I decided to keep going. After all, it's going to be felted. As you can see, the cat is almost done! Not bad for my first intarsia huh?

I actually finished something! It's the Spring Spiral Hat from the new Interweave Crochet. It called for two colors but I decided to use one. I used Punto and the color was 283. It's a bit big on me but if I roll the brim up it's fine.

And here's me with the brim rolled up.

It took about a day to crochet. I love it. It's such a cool spring/summer hat.

So, I was bad. I cast on(yet) another sock. The sock is from the book "The Book of Yarn" and it's called Swirly O's. I'm knitting them in Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the colorway "Wild Raspberry" I cast on 2 days ago and haven't had much time to knit them but this is how far I got so far.

It's my first time doing a picot edging. I love it. The photo doesn't show it but it has little holes (yarn overs) in it.

And as soon as I finish my corn socks (which I hope is soon), I'm going to cast these socks on.

Using this yarn.

I can't wait!

Now I have to go. Someone else wants the computer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hot off the needles!

My Halloween socks! I love them!
Halloween Socks
They are so nice and warm. And with the nights being in the 20s this week, they'll be worn a lot! The yarn is Halloween in Dk weight from White Oak Studio. I knit them on Size 3 US needles. Boo!
Now I have to go and figure out what to socks to cast on next!