Monday, January 20, 2014

Socks, a slice of summer, and my robotic leg

I'm catching up on taking photos, blocking, and weaving in all the ends on ALL THE THINGS. Well that I made during the bedrest from hell.
I did finish all but ONE gift for christmas, and even made New years day Jayne hats for my family. Which I need to get photos of. But for now, SOCKS!
I started these before the shark broke my leg (That is my story and I'm sticking to it) and I bet my mom I would finish BOTH of them before she finished her half a sock, that she cast on over 4 years ago. I totally won, and now she owes me two skeins of sock yarn.
These are the first pair of stripey socks I made that MATCH! Well, mostly match.

The yarn is Patons sock yarn, in color 55617. Fancy name, patons. 60 stitches, toe up, short row heel, 17 rows of twisted ribbing.

I love them so much. On rav here

now this shawl I knit right after I shattered my leg. My mom bought the yarn the day after I was attacked by the shark, and I started knitting another shawl, wasn't happy with it, and frogged it, and cast on for this. It was perfect.

No mods, the pattern was amazing. i was able to knit it while in pain (tylenol three for a serious shattered leg is not enough), and somehow didn't mess up. I am already planning on making another one.

On rav here

Last week, I saw my doctor, got some xrays taken, and look! you can see all my screws, the plate, and the place where the screw was removed. I have about 10 more months, yes, ten, of recovery, since when I shatter something, I shatter it goood.