Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tour de fleece

Tour de fleece starts today! Last year, I br one my leg so I couldn't compete. But I have high hopes for this year.
I have rather lofty goals, but it should be fun and challenging.
Wash, card, and spin a fleece.
Finish what's on Ella. I have four ounces and I spun 0.6 before the tour. Its an alpaca/silk/merino blend and it's utterly amazing.
Spin two braids, one sock yarn, one other.
Spin 8 ounces of white Wensleydale. This was my big goal last year, I wanted to make yarn to make snow angel. I need about 850 to make the large.
This year, I have three wheels I can use! Ella and Della, and my mom said I can use her Elizabeth.
I'm excited! Let the spinning commence!