Wednesday, October 24, 2007

so much

To talk about. OK, I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I will do better.
So to start out, I am on Ravelry!!!! My id is ktb38 .
I went to Stitches!! And boy, was that soooooo much FUN!! I got way too much yarn. Wait, is there such a thing? I took 5 (I think) classes and loved them! Here is a pic of my 2 day stash
You can see I went crazy. And that was only the second day!! As you can see I bought some roving because my mom (who's ravelry id is spinnermomk8) says that she will teach me to spin. And the light blue and dark blue in the bags are going to be a sweater! FOR ME!!!! I got yarn to make Asta sweaters ( 4 or 5 I think) And I also got this yummy yarn to make me a sweater. RYC Cashsoft, i think it's called. So pretty! Let's see what else did I get? Oh yeah, SOCK YARN!!
Some from blue moon fiber arts including 2 Rare gems which are one of a kind,
some ellen's half-pint farm sock yarn which is sooo pretty, and a couple other things, ok alot of other things.
And tomorrow starts Skate America, so I am trying to finish a pair of baby cables fingerless gloves so I can wear them in the arena to knit and crochet and read while I watch ice skating. How great is that?