Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sorry about not blogging. There's been so much going on. Like,

A tree fell thru the house

The tree is gone now, but there are still holes in the ceiling. It was right next to where I sit in the family room.. Very scary. I was up in my bedroom when it happened watching the hail (yes there was hail) and lighting. No one was hurt, thank God. My hermit crabs got a dusting from the roof stuff, but they're ok. The animals were freaked out but ok. My parents cats (Autumn, Mouse and Lassie) all hid for a day. While mine (Sherlock, Miss Marple and Asta) all refused to leave my side for the rest of the night. It was very cute.

My knee. It still hurts. And since it's sprained (twisted whatever) I injury it more since it's weak. I slipped on a bag (that ironically I used to ice my knee) and twisted my knee and sprained my ankle. On my other foot. I am so good at doing things like that. Now, I'm on crutches and basically sitting around knitting and crocheting all day. Which I love, but I really want to get out and do stuff.

My grandfather had another stroke. It happened on Monday. We still don't know how bad it is, but as of now, he can't talk and has lost his balance a few times walking. He can mumble and stuff and he doesn't know my mom's name. He's going to be in the hospital for a week or more going to rehab. In fact, if he wasn't going to be going to rehab, they would have sent him home by now. Can you believe that? Not even a day after having a stroke, you would be sent home? That's awful. So if you could, please send some good thoughts his way.

Oh and since my mom took him to the ER, she took my car since hers was being worked on. And she had to use the valet. Who put HUGE freaking dent and scratch in my car. We're trying to get them to pay for the repair. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Since I've been sitting and knitting a lot more, I have a few FO's to show you:
My Baby Cable Rib socks

Knit in STR Spring fling. Look at that pooling! So cool!

still have to felt it. Felting means walking down to the basement, which I haven't been able to do.
Isn't Miss Marple a great model?

And a pair of Fingerless gloves named Ktb38 Hobo Mitts by Landolista.

Pretty huh? I made the pattern up, so just in case someone wants to make them, here it is. I used Moda Silk 'n Wool blend but you can use any worsted weight yarn.

On size 8's cast on 3o stitches. Join in the round, being careful not to twist it. Place marker. *knit 4 purl 2* around until it measures 4 inches, or however long you want it. For the thumb, knit in patt to the last 6 stitches. Bind off these 6 stitches. Continue and then when you get to the bound off stitches, cast on 6. Continue in pattern until it reaches 6 inches (or whatever you want). Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends.

It's so easy, and I made mine in a few hours. I hope that if you make them, you like them.

I'm going to making a purse (Felted Fair Isle bag) for the Ravelympics, so I'm trying to finish up a few UFO's before it starts. I finished one of my O's socks. It was my first time doing a short row heel, so it's a bit wonky.

I need to do some decreases on my sleeve, and then just knit the neck and seam and I have a sweater! I'm very excited.

I had to frog the toe of my mom's Jaywalkers. When I was doing the toe, I was really tired and didn't get the pattern, so I just did it my way. WAY to short. So I'm going to try again soon.

I was bad and did cast on one thing. A basic seed stitch scarf. Here's Miss Marple modeling again (I try and get Asta and Sherlock to model, but they don't like it.)

That's it for now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

No cupcakes yet!

You know how you think "I'm going to do this and it's going to be great!"? Well, that's what I thought about the cupcakes. I have everything I need to make them. But a few days after the polls closed, a propane (or as Carry says proPAIN) kneed me. I never get the cool injuries. I went and I saw the PA (yes, that PA there was no one else) and he said "Oh you just banged it". And that was it. This was about 2 weeks ago. It still hurts and it feels hotter than my other knee. I had an appointment with the Doctor today. Then I went to get X-rays on my knee. I was told it wasn't broken, so that's good. I might need to get shots to bring the swelling down.

Want to know why a propain tank kneed me? I was chasing after my new cat, Miss Marple. Heather's sister had this cat hanging around her house and didn't want to give it to a shelter so she asked her is she wanted it. Heather already has an a cat (Zuzu who is SOOOOOO cute) so then she asked if I wanted it. I said yes. Oh and if you go to Heather's blog, she has some kittens that need homes. This is Miss Marple Isn't she adorable? And she fits in great with everyone else.

I'm almost done knitting my little strawberry purse. It's been put on hold for a bit to knit some secret knitting things, but I am going to finish it very soon. I have one half already done, but I don't have a pic of that. This is just as I was getting into knitting the green ( or the stem)

Love the pattern. And it's just adorable.

On Ravelry, Gemnah and I started a group for a knit-along for the Seascape Stole. It's going to a lot of fun, so come join us! You don't have to knit it, you can be a cheerleader!