Monday, February 18, 2008


Look a post! I know it's been a long (long long long long) time, and I am going to try to post more.
So, to start out, I'm knitting my very first sweater! It's called Womans Simple Pullover from the book Cables Untangled
I'm knittng it using Blizzard, which I love, in a greenie blue color. I have the back done and I'm now working on the front. I'm (hoping) to have it done by my birthday on the 3rd.

I'm still crocheting my mills end blanket. It's pretty big. I'm hoping to have it done to show you this month. I am still knitting my Chevron scarf. I had to frog a bit of it, but it's going along very nicely
This was taken a while ago. I'm futher a long than this.
I also am making another scarf that is so pretty, but I don't have any photos. Speaking of photos, I got a (amazing) camera from my parents for Christmas that I have been taking photos with. I don't think my pets like it though. I keep taking photos of them. Pictures like this
How cute is Sherlock? And I also knitted a Harry Potter Beret that Asta loves to wear!

I love this hat. I mean beret, sorry. It's from the book Charmed Knits which is all about.. Harry Potter! I used Galaway and I forget what the names of the colors are.
Tomorrow (or tonight) I am going to cast on for the Brioche Gaiter from the interweave holidays knits from last year. I have this beautiful camel hair (Blithe from Classic Elite) that I bought just for it. I'll have photos for you soon.