Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life has been crazy!

Hence the no blogging, sadly. But things are finally getting somewhat settled down, so that's good. Mom is feeling better, and other then a tire falling on my foot (yeeeaaah, don't ask) I feel good! How about a quick recap of what has been going on?
I sadly didn't get to go to MSW, but maybe next year.
I have been spinning quite a bit! I got this roving as a gift for my birthday from my parents, I think it's 75/25 bfl/silk mix and it spun like butter. 5.2 ounces, two ply, this is about 250 heavy worsted. It's so bright that it was hard to get a good photo! Rav link!

(I love my view)

This is the fiber I'm spinning up now, I miiiight have stolen it from my mom. heh

I started weaving! My parents also got me a kromski 24 inch rigid heddle, for my birthday, and I LOVE it. I named her Lucy the Loom. So far I made a scarf, which was a fun practice piece, (I need finished photos of it)

And this is on my loom now. I plan to make this into a project bag

As for knitting, I casted on for Bolt. I love it, and I'm already planning to make another one. I'm on the final stripe section now.

And I might have started two MKAL shawls today. Whoops. Remember when I said I wanted to finish projects? HA. CAST ON ALL THE THINGS.
Of course what is fiber without tea

And a fiber buddy? Mycroft loves to sleep in her (well, it's hers now) basket next to my chair in the living room when I'm knitting/spinning/weaving.