Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On Friday, I sprained my ankle. So I spent Saturday bumming around and knitting mostly. Then Sunday night, my mom came home from the grocery store and asked me to put the cold stuff away. I went out the kitchen and was going to put the bag on the stove to unpack it, went to move a muffin tin (which had held pineapple upside down muffins) and knocked a bowl over. It fell, shattered and slashed my foot. Blood started gushing (ok, maybe not gushing but it was a lot of blood) and I was bleeding everywhere all over the kitchen. The stove was a nice bright red. I thought I was going to have to ER but thankfully, after a while it stopped bleeding. Now (over 2 day later) it's mostly stopped (just a tad on the band-aid every once in a while) unless I do something stupid like get up to pee and then it bleeds a bit more. It also hurts like hell. Only I could do something so klutzy. In case you have a morbid curiousity about what it looks like, you can click here and be grossed out. And this all means that, unfortunately, I can't make it to MSW. I'm so upset but I know if I did go, I would be in so much pain.
To keep my mind off of my sprained and gashed foot ( also not going to msw, swine flu (someone in the completely pointless and arbitrary group on rav that it's really a cover-up for zombies, which amuses me so much) getting everything planted in time, and a ton of other things) I've been knitting on 2 main things. The first one is a handspun (the big top I spun) Shawl. It's dead easy and totally mindless.
I've knit 2 skeins and have one more to go. Of course, it's 90 degrees so I really don't have much need for a wool shawl. This is why snow beats heat anytime in my book. The other thing is an entrelac scarf.
The yarn is an Easter gift and it's Zauberball, which is very nice. I can't wait to make socks out of it sometime.
this is first venture into entrelac and it won't be the last. It's addicting. You keep saying to yourself "just one more square one more, this is the last" and before you know it, you've done 2 rows of squares. Which may or may not be a good thing.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revenge is sweet

Every year, my mother bites the ears off of the chocolate bunny she gets me for Easter. So I decided to get some revenge and knit a chocolate bunny. Without the ears. I was looking thru patterns on Ravelry and stumbled across the Chocolate bunny pattern and I thought it would be perfect. And I believe it is

(notice the egg with my name on it. It was filled with this yummy butter cream type of stuff. I got another one that said happy Easter. Peanut butter. Nom)
Pattern: Chocolate Bunny (here's my project page on it)
Yarn: Patons Classic in brown. I used some of what I had left-over from knitting my dad's birthday hat. Barely used any yarn.
Needles: US 4's. It produced a very firm fabric.
Mods: Nothing to the pattern itself, other then the non-ears. I think I knit the ears for maybe 3 rounds and then grafted. I took the yarn and went in and out a few times to make an eye.
P4131959 The real chocolate bunny it's kissing/talking to is a solid milk chocolate 12 ounce bunny.