Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moby Dick

Holy Cow, it's 2010! Remember 10 years ago when everyone was all freaked out about Y2K? And you stockpiled Mandarin oranges and beef stew? No, just me? Ok then.
Last month, it was my Dad's birthday. Back in June, he mentioned that one of his favorite quotes was from Moby Dick. From that, I started designing a hat. It would have the look of a Seaman's hat, plenty of ribbing the quote around the brim, and waves with a whale hidden in them. I was planning on knitting it top down, but after casting on several times and it not looking the way I wanted, I decided to make it bottom up.
My mom was amazing and charted the words and the whale for me, and I used HelloYarn's wave chart, the top half only. I placed the whale above "Object" because well, that was his object. When it was done, after the months of planning, all the hours knitting, the freakouts (this happens when you knit the first row and a half of a quote backwards), it was totally worth it. Dad loves it and has even gotten compliments on it.
Pattern: My own (on Ravelry here!)
Size: 24 inch head
Yarn: Cascade Heritage in Navy and white/undyed. I knitted a few swatches of it and abused the crap out of it. And it withstood it beautifully. No fading, no felting, no dye leaks, it softened a bit in a soak, and was nice to work with.
Needle size: 1 1/2 us 2.50 mm. I used a KP 24 inch circ.
The quote is "All my means sane, my motive and my object mad." Oh and the sweater Dad is wearing? Mom spun and knit it for him about 30 years ago.