Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I accept that I will not finish in time. I accept that I should have planned better. I accept that my last post was filled with denial. I accept that next year, I'll have a better idea of how much time I'll need for everything. I accept even tho I won't have everything finished, I'm still awesome for doing so much.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas knitting sucks

The problem with doing nothing but knitting gifts? There isn't much time to blog about said gifts. Although you should stop every now and then so you don't get a charlie horse in your pinky. Ask me how I know. I did knit 2 non-Christmas things. Both hats. Both I designed. The first one, I cast on to try not to freak out about everything (Christmas, my grandfather, my stupid car that is only a few years old and was refusing to start, christmas knitting and I do realise how backwards that is) and finished it in a day or so.
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca (I think grande? whatever the bulky is) I have no idea what the colors are, the orange was a skein I had laying around and the tan is from the simple cowl I made.
Needles: 10.5 US and the top was knit on 8's because I had some and was too lazy to go get other ones.
Pattern: My own.

I love it, it's so warm and soft. I might have said this before, but I adore this yarn. Yes, it does shed, but I want to roll naked in it no matter what. It's that nice. The 2nd one is closest to the color.
The second hat I made for my dad's birthday. I was so worried while knitting it that he would hate it, but thankfully he loves it.
Yarn: Patons Classic merino in a brown and green, which might have been called Dark deep? olive.
Needles: 7 US
Pattern: My own. I'm thinking of writing both of the patterns up next year sometime.
Doesn't it look like camouflage? I'm saying that I totally planned for it to look that way. Makes me seem even more awesome.
I have one gift down and 5 to go (shut up I know). 1 of them will be finished sometime today (while praying that the power doesn't go out cause of the winds) and another one I'll knit tonight. I finished one of my mom;s socks so I'm hoping to finish (ahem, and start) the other one soon. That leaves 2. One of them will take a few hours tops, and the other is just a very very long strip of crochet (Stop laughing. It's doable) which shouldn't take that awfully long (STOP LAUGHING). If I can keep to the plan I made up, which should be a shock since I haven't been able to, everything should be finished by Thursday. Why are you laughing? I can do it. Probably. Maybe. Oh god
freaks out