Monday, July 14, 2008

No cupcakes yet!

You know how you think "I'm going to do this and it's going to be great!"? Well, that's what I thought about the cupcakes. I have everything I need to make them. But a few days after the polls closed, a propane (or as Carry says proPAIN) kneed me. I never get the cool injuries. I went and I saw the PA (yes, that PA there was no one else) and he said "Oh you just banged it". And that was it. This was about 2 weeks ago. It still hurts and it feels hotter than my other knee. I had an appointment with the Doctor today. Then I went to get X-rays on my knee. I was told it wasn't broken, so that's good. I might need to get shots to bring the swelling down.

Want to know why a propain tank kneed me? I was chasing after my new cat, Miss Marple. Heather's sister had this cat hanging around her house and didn't want to give it to a shelter so she asked her is she wanted it. Heather already has an a cat (Zuzu who is SOOOOOO cute) so then she asked if I wanted it. I said yes. Oh and if you go to Heather's blog, she has some kittens that need homes. This is Miss Marple Isn't she adorable? And she fits in great with everyone else.

I'm almost done knitting my little strawberry purse. It's been put on hold for a bit to knit some secret knitting things, but I am going to finish it very soon. I have one half already done, but I don't have a pic of that. This is just as I was getting into knitting the green ( or the stem)

Love the pattern. And it's just adorable.

On Ravelry, Gemnah and I started a group for a knit-along for the Seascape Stole. It's going to a lot of fun, so come join us! You don't have to knit it, you can be a cheerleader!


  1. Miss Marple is so cute. How lucky for her to have a great new home, and for you to have her.

  2. What a sweet kitty! AND, what an adorable strawberry bag! I want one of each! Oh, wait, I have several of the first...

  3. yay! i'm famous!
    cute purse! pretty kitty!
    too many exclamation points!!!!!

  4. Oh, what a sweet little girl! Thanks again for giving her a good home!

  5. I love Miss Marple's tail! Don't chase her around too much, you never know what might stick its foot out and trip you! I like to keep a can of tuna on hand for kitty luring myself.