Saturday, November 10, 2012


Over a week later, and people are still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. We managed rather well, our power didn't even go out, which shocked me. We had lots of downed trees, flooded roads, and such high winds I thought the house was going to be picked up!
I watched Walking dead and Miss Marple on netflix, and I knit this during the hurricane

I found two skeins of Lion brand wool ease thick and quick in color citron at AC Moore the other week. It was on clearance for $4 a skein, so I grabbed them up. This color is weird, I don't know how to describe it. It's just this bright mustard yellow with a tinge of lime green. I love it tho.
the pattern, Marian, calls for 45 stitches on 19's. I read quite a few project notes on rav, and many people said it came out small. So what I did was this. I casted on 70 stitches on 17's bound off loosely and it came out amazing!
It's super warm, and I can easily double it. It's going to be a much loved thing this winter I believe.
Ravelry link!
As for now, I'm knitting a christmas gift(more on those soon! and when it did get to be holiday knitting time?!) and listening to this

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