Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Wednesday night, after I drove my mother to pt, a kidney doctor (she's fine! YAH), we went to the local knit night at Flying Fiber. My mother bought me a stick weaving kit, and since then, I've been somewhat obsessed. just a tad! This is my practice piece, the yarn came with the sticks

then I made a head band!

(like my view?)

A coffee sleeve I need to sew together and take pictures of
I made a mug rug, that also needs to be sewn together (I adore this)

And I was playing around with using two colours, and decided to make a book mark. Only afterwords, did I realize that the colours were Ravenclaw colours!

Now, I'm making a small bag to keep my nook in. The yarn is Paton's wool, and I'm just in love with how it stripes up!

I also finished my mystery shawl, and Asta approves! now I have to weave in all the ends, wash and block, and get proper photos!

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