Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revenge is sweet

Every year, my mother bites the ears off of the chocolate bunny she gets me for Easter. So I decided to get some revenge and knit a chocolate bunny. Without the ears. I was looking thru patterns on Ravelry and stumbled across the Chocolate bunny pattern and I thought it would be perfect. And I believe it is

(notice the egg with my name on it. It was filled with this yummy butter cream type of stuff. I got another one that said happy Easter. Peanut butter. Nom)
Pattern: Chocolate Bunny (here's my project page on it)
Yarn: Patons Classic in brown. I used some of what I had left-over from knitting my dad's birthday hat. Barely used any yarn.
Needles: US 4's. It produced a very firm fabric.
Mods: Nothing to the pattern itself, other then the non-ears. I think I knit the ears for maybe 3 rounds and then grafted. I took the yarn and went in and out a few times to make an eye.
P4131959 The real chocolate bunny it's kissing/talking to is a solid milk chocolate 12 ounce bunny.



  1. That's really cute. I showed my wife and now she is going to eat the ears of my bunnies from now on. :)

  2. Too funny! I'll bet your mom loved it.