Sunday, August 23, 2009

Parade of pink

I love pink. Always have, always will. But lately, it seems that I've been knitting (yes, I've been knitting! A lot really. Shockingly, I got my knitting mojo back when the AC was turned on) more pink then normal. Case in point.
I cast on for this in April according to my Ravelry project page. I just finished it and I have no idea why it took so long. I think it maybe took 2 nights in all to knit it. winters no more closeup

Winter'snow more
It's the Urchin pattern in the largest size (I have a big head) by Ysolda. Flipping brilliant pattern. Size 11 needles. And the yarn? That would be my handspun. Thawed Roses .
P8180945 I didn't do any mods, unless you count the fact the somehow a stitch got lost from the cast on edge, so when I was grafting it, I just grafted 2 together so it would be even.

Melting Sunrise


My own pattern, and my own handspun yarn. Needles are size 9's. I love this so much I can't even begin to say. I cast on, did some 2x2 ribbing and then knit till I had enough left over to do the k2tog decreases.I have no idea why I look so sad in that photo.

I think this has spurred a hat obsession. Because this is what I'm working on now

Belphoebe. My own pattern with a cable pattern I borrowed from Cables Untangled.

Still, I have more pink.
That? Would be a sweater. For me. A pink sweater. I love pink.

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