Friday, January 14, 2011

you fart helium?!

This year started out great. And then, well, not so much. Last Friday, i went to the ER. 6 horrible hours later, I was diagnosed with a concussion, sprained toe, and possibly torn tendons in my knee. What happened was this. My mothers knee hit my head (she claims that my head hit her knee, which is so not true) and then, about half an hour later, I was feeling dizzy and fell, landing all my weight on already bad knee (it had an egg on it already, I was going to see a doctor for it that day) and managed to sprain my toe on my other foot. I really should win a medal or something for the sheer idiocy of that injury.
Meanwhile, I'm stuck sitting on the sofa watching Netflix and dvds. and knitting and reading, of course, when my head will allow it. Currently I'm reading How to Bake a Perfect life, and loving it. It has some great looking recipes, and several bread making tips.
As for knitting, I finished a pair of knucks that should have been done by Christmas (whoopsies) and I'm just about finished on my first 2011 cast on to cast off project. A pair of fuzzy feet! i did run out of yarn doing the last few rounds on the toe, brown sheep in this lovely dark rusty red, so I dug thru my stash, ripped the toes out, and am now doing them in a bright lime green. I can't wait to felt them.
For the next two weeks or so, I'm not allowed to walk much or do anything but sit and knit. Oh, the horror:)
I have cinnamon bread in my breadmaker (made while my tea was steeping), Farscape on netflix hence the title, and my fuzzy feet about to finish and a nice new bottle of painkillers. Maybe this year isn't all that bad.

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