Sunday, April 28, 2013

I think can. I think I can

In 6 days, it's MSW!!! I love Msw, and now that I moved, I live much closer, I can drive down both days! My friend Jessica is coming down from philly and staying with me and we're going together! I can't wait!
So of course, my (pretty crazy) brain went HEY! Remember that super pretty roving you got at MSW last year? Let's spin it up, and knit a shawl out of it! to wear for MSW!!!! It will be so cooooool! Ohey ice cream!" My (albeit small) rational part of my brain went "you have 6 days, on four of those days, you have appointments. You also need to clean up the house, prepare food for Msw (since I'm allergic to pretty much everything there), and IT'S 6 DAYS ARE YOU CRAZY?" to which my crazy side of the brain went YES! We're going to do this!" and my rational side just gave up.
Last night, I dug up the fiber, and sat down and spun for about an hour. It's working up amazing, the roving is from Misty Mountain farms, and it's a 85/15 polworth/silk blend. I was thinking about plying it, but it's super pretty as a single. We'll see! I have a PLAN (run for the hills!) of finishing the spinning tonight, finishing cleaning up the kitchen, and also, somehow, finishing a pair of socks. Sleep? What's that?
The roving I'm spinning is the blue in the left corner! (this was what I got from MSW last year)

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