Thursday, February 20, 2014

A scarf/shawl thing, a cowl, and a hat walk into a bar

MORE knitted things! Two of these I knit before I shattered my leg into a million and 6 pieces, but didn't take a photo or block them. First up, a cowl!

This was a mkal cowl, and it was super fun and interesting to make. I love everything about it, the yarn is perfect for spring/fall, it's so pretty, and stripes! I had a blast making this.

I had a sorta kinda plan with the stripes, and on the rav page here, I kept details of much each clue took (but not for the last one, for some reason)

Next up, Thunder and Lightning

When I saw this the day it was published, I needed it. It was interesting, looked different, and my brain just kept shouting NNEEED NEED NEED. I popped off to my local yarn shop, got two skeins of jezebel (really nice yarn, btw) and knit like the wind. I wanted colours like a thunderstorm. For about two weeks before, I was thinking about doing a yellow and blue something, and bam! this pops up

The last bit? the long blue bit? Is a soul sucking bit. It seems to take forever. Which doesn't make sense since the rows are getting shorter. But after wondering if I actually did find a black hole, I finished it.

Blocking was weird, I don't have any lace blocking wires, so I just pinned the whole thing out. I did cut the yarn, instead of carrying it on the long scarf part. No matter what I did, you could see the blue behind the yellow. It meant a lot of ends, but it was better then going crazy trying to carry up the yarn.

And now! A hat! My first finished thing this year.

this skein has been kicking around my to use soon basket of wool for a while, and it was freezing, what with the polar vortex and turning into a ktbsicle, and all, so I whipped this hat out in a few days.
I also churned out three jayne hats, two hats that I designed (pattern coming soon!), and a shawl. And I spun some fiber up!
I took this a week or so ago, it was so pink, I had never seen a sunrise that amazing before. Isn't it so lovely? Taken from my porch

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