Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet Della

Saturday, my dad and I drove down to Delaware to pick up a wheel, and my birthday present from my parents (more about that after my birthday next week). My mom saw a craigslist ad for some looms and a spinning wheel. I saw the wheel and had to have it.
It's an older louet, she has some minor damage, but it's going to be easy to fix her up, some glue and sanding and a wee bit of elbow grease and she'll be good as new.
This is as we were leaving the house. "We're GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!!!!!" My dad was super thrilled, as you can tell. (and he's wearing a hat I made him for his birthday years ago, knitting win!)

In one morning, I was in pa, maryland, and Delaware. pretty cool, I think!
Here she is, isn't Della so pretty?

My other wheel, is a Kromski sonota named Ella, so now I have two wheels!!! Ella, and Della (after Delaware)

This is the damage, it's nothing major, totally fixable.

close up

It's a really lovely spinner, that's some Brown sheep studio fiber on the bobbin, I'm getting the hang of the wheel. That might become the weft in a small rug I would weave for the wheel, how neat would that be?

Now, are you ready to hear how much I paid for her? Are you sitting down? Are you? ok, $50!!! I know, I can't believe it. The bobbins alone are worth more then that.

Also, my parents surprised me with an early birthday gift, an inkle loom, and a unicorn lucet loom (you can see it on the ottoman behind the bobbin)! This is the night after I got it, it was really fun to use the inkle loom, I already have another project on it, straps to replace ones that got ruined on one of my favorite tote bags, a smallish black one with the entire Nevermore on it.

So yeah, I fell really bad in the weaving rabbit hole. I want to WEAVE ALL THE THINGS now.
Watson says peek a boo!

And Asta says "Pay attention to me! ME I'm SO CUTE!!!"

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