Sunday, May 11, 2014


Remember last time, when I said I had a secret?
That secret, was a birthday gift from my parents. A four harness, solid maple, jl hammett loom. Isn't she amazing?


Her name is Minerva, after the goddess of weaving and one of the best characters ever (Minerva Mcgongall from harry potter)

Here you see the bar code from the school she was at, the woman my parents bought her from get her, fixed her up (she was mostly in good shape, one side was busted, so she replaced that with a leclerc piece, but you can't tell) and she's so so lovely.
She lives in my craft room/sitting room/den, and I love her so so so much.

I'm going to start my first project on her soon, a pink and yellow stole/shawl!

This is something that is confusing me, this small hook on the front right side! No idea why it's there. any ideas?

I still have Dad's Christmas scarf on my rigid heddle (Lucy) and the yarn just does not like to be woven. It's super sticky and knots if you look at it the wrong way. I'm determined to finish it this week, because I have another project I want to get started on.
I got a small one ounce bat from Dizzy Sheep, to spin up on my spindle. The colours don't show well, but it's called sunflower and Oh my gosh it's so pretty!

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