Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some knitting, crocheting and spinning.

Life is so hectic, so I haven't had time to blog. A while ago, I said that my grandfather had a stroke. Well, we were told all along that he probably would never be able to go home again. Then about 2 week ago, the rehab place where he's at, said that they wanted to do a home evaluation. This came a day after we were told, yet again, that he would need to go into an assisted living home. So, that's what we did last week. It didn't go so great. More to the point, he didn't do well. And he can't understand that even though a few things need fixing (carpeting needs to be tacked down, another banister needs to be put in) why he can't go home. He leans to the right (and since my mother knows how much I abhor that song, every time she says to the right, she sings the damn song) and can hardly walk up the steps. Right now, the rehab is showing him use a cane instead of a walker so he can maneuver better. And then in about a week, we have to find a place for him to live until he gets better. So that is whats been going on. Rather boring huh?
I haven't had much time to knit, but I did manage to knit the Foliage hat. I love this hat. the pattern was great and very easy to follow. It's a pretty quick knit and I bet you could have it done in a weekend. I won the yarn (which is yummy) at Stitches east last year. It's Mmmmmmalabrigo in red.
autumn leaves
I did knit a bit on a sock. I'm on the gusset now. And yes, that is magic loop. I know I use 2 circs, but I when I cast on, it was the nearest needle in the right size.
After I finished my Autumn leaves hat, I realized that I didn't have any crochet WIP's, so I went and dug in my Stash, and came out with a skein of Paton's Wool in Good earth. I decided to do one of those tiny very long scarves. Using an H, or 5.00mm I did a single crochet. This is what I have so far. So fally!
I have been SPINNING! On my spindle. The roving is from Flawful Fibers and it's Corriedale in the color Coma Garden.
My first spinning
How pretty is that?! I love how it looks like a Monet painting. I'm thinking about making a scarf out of it. Maybe the Yarn Harlot's One row hand spun scarf? Or perhaps My so called scarf? I'll have to wait and see what it looks like knit up.
That's it for now. I did make shortbread last week. Want some?

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