Wednesday, September 3, 2008


No! Already? I won't believe it. Change it. I still have a gift to knit for last Christmas. I refuse for it to be September. *taps foot, waits for time to reverse* No huh? Guess I should knit more then.
Speaking of, I finished my Ravelympics bag on time!!!

The pattern is Felted Fair Isle bag by Pam Allen and the yarn is Cascade 220. I did change how the handles go on. The way the pattern had me doing it, I felt that it wouldn't hold. So I just did little tabs at the bottom of the i-cord and then (my mom) sewed them on. I'm not that good at sewing.
I love it! I'm going to make a coin purse and a cell phone carrier sometime soon. I was thinking of making the cell phone carrier in the top design, the yellow and black. And the coin purse in the V and + design, which I think even though it was the hardest one, is my favorite.
After casting off the bag, I went and cast on for a sock (of course). I had this pattern all picked out, easy, mostly k2,p2 with one row requiring me to use my brain. So after trying to knit the damn pattern 7 times (frogging and knitting frogging and knitting, I did this for an entire day) I decided to knit a garter ribbing. I have no idea why the pattern wasn't working. But I really like how the garter ribbing is turning out in the yarn. It's Happy Feet, color 9. I love how fally it looks.

I was planning on knitting this rather quickly, then I decided that I'll knit a sweater, hat and booties for my father's friend, who just had a baby. Mason, weighing in at 9 pounds, 10 ounces. For the sweater, I got Cotton Kisses. It's a VERY adorable kit with everything you need to make a baby sweater. Yarn, 2 patterns and buttons. I'm not too sure I like the yarn though. If you drop a stitch, it's very hard to pick up. We'll see how it works out. I've finished the back and have the front and sleeves yet to do. I'm knitting the 12 month cardigan.
I did FINALLY finish my granny blankie that I've been knitting for almost a year. I have to get a FO pic as soon as I find a place that's big enough to lay it down.
I'm going to try and finish some UFO's this month. Like my sweater, my father's balaclava, my mom's jaywalkers and maybe even my cat bag. So here's hoping!
And Desi is doing great! He has a cold, but he's getting over it. He's SO big now! Asta loves him so much. It's so cute how they play together. He's learning how to be bad from Miss Marple, who is looking so healthy! Here's Asta and Desire sleeping. How cute are they?

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