Sunday, February 1, 2009

February 1st

January was hell. Hence the not blogging. Everything was going wrong. If it was bad, it seemed it happened. We moved my grandfather from a crappy assisted living place that did a bait and switch (they said one price when he moved in, and within a week, said that he need so much care and doubled the price (by the way, they didn't give him any extra care) into a much nicer that he can afford. That was an ordeal in itself which is a story for another post. All this time I'm still sick (still am, but mostly better) and all these other things are going wrong, like the pipes freezing when it was -4 outside, well, I really didn't feel like blogging. But today is the first of a (hopefully much better) month. So I'm going to hope that all that dreadfulness stays in January. During this craptastic month, I was doing a bit of knitting and a lot of spinning.
Zest for life
4 ounces of Rambouillet from Flawful fibers colorway Zest. It's about a sport weight, around 150 yards.


3 ounces of a SW merino Hanks in the hood Batt colorway Argyle. About 78 yards of a worsted.



4 ounces of some roving from Spinners hill that I got from Dizzy sheep. 130 (i think) yards of a worsted/dk.
I finished my hand spun scarf. All 104 inches of it. Yup, 104. It's so squishy!


This is my first ever wheel spun yarn. Spun from 8 ounces of some potluck roving in Vine maple from Paradise fibers. Double plied, I have no idea what the yardage was. Knit in a k1p1 rib slipping the first stitch knitwise on size 8's. Did I mention it's 104 inches?
I also knit a calorimetry that needs a button and to be sewn and photographed.

But everything has been pushed aside to work on this.

Now, some may think I'm insane for knitting this (and might I add, designing) but I figure people knit for babies, so what if I'm knitting a wool/alpaca sweater for my dog? It is her birthday after all. And well, I am insane.

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  1. yay spinning! this post makes me haz a happy!