Friday, February 27, 2009

It's not fair

Today it was 60 degrees. 60!!! Which I wouldn't mind, but it's the end of february (which means my BIRTHDAY is only a few days away March 3rd!!)and I have all this pretty wooly things I want to wear. Like this Calorimetry.


96 stitches on 7's. I forget how many repeats I did. Yarn is Filatura Di Crosa 127 Print. I still have some left over. I love making these. It takes a night to knit one up and hardly takes any yarn. I'm going to make another one out of handspun sometime.
But do you know what really isn't fair? That Mother nature decides to turn the heat up as soon as I start to seam my HUGE alpaca sweater. Which does not help at all. I want winter back. (and you know as soon as I post this, we're going to get hit with a HUGE storm. I'm ok with that;)


  1. awesome calorimetry. and way to rock the teal eyeliner! i think you're my hero pretty girl. :)

  2. The calorimetry is lovely.

    It is supposed to be over 80 here today! I am one sleeve away from finishing my completely handspun Wisteria, and let me tell you, if I don't get to wear it at least once before next winter, I'm going to cry!

  3. Well have hope. It is about 60 here today too but we are supposed to have SNOW tomorrow! Go figure.....

  4. so this big storm is your fault?!?! (grumbles)