Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweater for a dog

A few days late, I finished Asta's sweater. I don't think she cared.

After I finished it (and wove in a ton of ends) she wore it all night. Normally she finds a way out of clothes within 3 minutes. But she loved it and didn't even try to get out of it. I think I might make a few more sweaters for her soon. It doesn't take a lot of yarn and she looks so adorable.
The pattern is my own. Knit on size 9's. The yarn I used is Valley yarns Berkshire in colors Pumpkin and red. I had bought 2 of the pumpkin and one of the red and didn't even touch the 2nd pumpkin and only used a tad of the red.
I knit it in two pieces, the back and the belly, then I seamed them and picked up stitches for the neck. The cable I did in intarsia. The reason I did that is that cables pull in fabric and if I had done it in fair isle, it would have pulled in even more. The belly was done in a k1p1 rib all the way, as was the neck.
I think it turned out great. Fits her wonderfully. And the most important thing, she loves it.


  1. Is your dog named after the dog in The Thin Man?

  2. Yes, she is! I love the book and the movie.