Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunshine on Acid

A few weeks ago, I got an idea in my head to make a bathmat for my new bathroom. It was pushed aside for more important issues, like "HOLY CRAP FLAIL MOVING PACK FLAIL OOH COOKIES!". But last week, I was in A.C. Moore, getting a crochet hook, since mine have all been stolen by gnomes, and I saw this giant ball of eye searing, happy inducing yellow cotton. I grabbed two skeins, dug out the first mason dixon book, (which was not packed), and cast on for Absorba.

I used three strands, and this was so much fun to knit. It got a bit cumbersome towards the end, with all the cotton, but I love it, and it looks great.

It even matches my hand towels, which I found on clearance for $.97 last week.
When I make another one, I would use four strands, just to up the squishyness of it.
As for the moving, it's getting there. My mom was rushed to the ER twice this weekend, which pretty much stopped all efforts to move. She'll be ok, but it wasn't fun. And to add to all the non-fun, I fell in the ER parking lot and really hurt my ankle. So I'm rather slow with all the moving (and I can't really bear any weight on it, so I can't take boxes out). But we'll get there. Hopefully in mostly one piece.

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