Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big news!

I'M MOVING!!!! AAHHHH!!!! In april, an offer was made on the house that we couldn't refuse (it wasn't on the market, it was made by the company that lives all around us) and well, it was accepted. Last week, my parents bought a house. We have till the end of august to be moved out of this house.
It's just so bizarre. I've lived in this house for 17 years. Most of my life, all but 7 years of it. The new place is lovely, it's in Conestoga, pa. About an hour and half from here. The house is built into a hill, has solar panels, it's on 3.4 acres, overlooks a state game land, the kitchen is just amazing. Everything in the kitchen was custom built, from the extra wide counter tops, to the deep solid cherry wood cabinets (I might have a crush on the kitchen). And the best part? I have my own bathroom, with a Jacuzzi hot tub! I might have just finished knitting a bathmat for it..... Pics to come!
There is so much to do in the next few months! I need to paint the upstairs, pack everything in the house up (holy crap, ALL THE BOOKS!! i swear, more then half of the boxes will be books), find a bed (I'm looking for a queen bed with drawers underneath, any nice ones?) and generally freak out.
I'm going to miss this place, But I'm looking forward to drinking hot cocoa on my porch while watching the leaves change colours. And reading J.K rowlings new book!
I also keep saying this quote, which is so perfect. And right <3 c.s lewis

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