Saturday, March 16, 2013

The problem with secret knitting

Is that you can't really show or talk about it, which leads to a rather boring blog post. But I can share this.

Soon, soon you will know.

After doing the Joji mystery shawl (which I need to get pictures of soon) I've become obsessed with mystery knit alongs. Case in point, Evadine. This is one repeat done of clue one

And I just got this yarn for the Romi mystery kal.

The first clue was released today, so I have to go digging around for the right needles.
In other news, the kittens had their first vet appointment, and other then some ear mites, they're fine! YAH! Watson has started to wake up up chirping and looking at me like this

How can you NOT pet that face?

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