Saturday, August 25, 2007

So it has been very cold here. Well, cold for the middle of august which has made my asthma pretty bad so i haven't been blogging. But i have been knitting.
Here is Hermione's cable and bobble hat from Charmed Knits i started the cables but not the bobbles.

I also started a new sock (photos coming soon) with soxx appeal. I got the yarn at Yarn Gallery. And i just cast on STR Spring fling which i love.
I going to knit a diagonal scarf with this

cool, right?
I got the yarn at the soxy lady and I forget what it was but this was the only one left.
I also read A Secret Rage by Charlaine Harris which was great. I love her books and if you haven't read any of hers please do.
And now i will show pics of my little baby Asta

Isn't she adorable?

I named her after Dashiell Hamment's Asta in The Thin Man (the book not the movie, although I LOVE the thin man movies ) but when I tell people her name they say oh, what a odd ( weird, different) name.

Look at the little tongue! And yes, she does have hand knit sweaters.

And this is my other baby, Sherlock ( named after Sherlock Holmes)
You can't tell, but she is wearing a Harley Davidson collar. I think she likes it, she has yet to get out of it.
Also, I have six ( yes, six)boxes of yarn coming to me in the mail. So when I get them I'll post photo's for you to drool over.