Friday, August 17, 2007

What yarn?

I found my camera.

dream in color, lunamoth by woolly bully. tomato salad by Urban Gypsy

This sock yarn was hand-dyed in Lancaster, Pa

Here's all my sock yarn

Still sock yarn

In case you were wondering, you are looking at 93 skeins (well, socks)
This is almost ALL my yarn.
I went to my first S&B (which was great, i loved it and we were really freaking the muggles out) and took pics but my camera didn't like them.
Not much in knitting to report, it's very very very very humid here.


  1. We totally freaked 'em out. I can hardly wait until next month :-)

    Was great meeting you & your Mom - by the way, your sock yarn stash is incredible (even if it's just a wee bit scary LOL)

  2. Yeah its amazing how much yarn you have!!!