Thursday, August 30, 2007

Drool, baby,drool

I'm a Loopy Groupie!!! Look at the cool bag I got

And this is the yarn I got
Cherry Fizz by Seacoast

Peppercorn Blend by Spritely Goods

Spring Tulips by Spritely Goods (please disregaurd my sprained ankle)

Windblown Mallow by Spritely Goods
Watercolor by Seacoast

Mango Tango by Seacoast

Bittersweet by Lorna's Laces

Militia by Spritely Goods

Arizona Ironwood by Spritely Goods
And look at the yarn that i got for becoming a looopie

I love this yarn!!!
Ok that was the loopy ewe. Up next, Simply Sock Yarn Company
Roses and chocolate by sleeping dragon
Winter thaw by sleeping dragon
I also got Tiger and also Peacock from Opal rainforest
I ordered this from webs.It's Blizzard in green and it's by Reynolds
This is going to be a very pretty sweater(my first)
I also got some yarn for Christmas presents so I can't show you the yarn, but trust me it's so pretty.
I also went to my LYS and got a skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk to make a montego bay scarf

I LOVE this yarn! It's so gorgeous.
I also got some other yarn (well,duh) that might be for presents, but i don't know yet.
Now, guess what this yarn is. It's from

It is Possum lace yarn!!! It is made from 60% merino wool, 30% Possum and 10% silk! Cool huh?
I am still waiting for some boxes of yarn, so when I get them I will post some pictures of them.And I am happy to say that i know have 137 skeins of sock yarn!!
And in knitting news I frogged the coat for Asta. I didn't have enough yarn. So i think i might make a purse out of the yarn.I hope to finish the Maggie felted tote by the weekend so keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. And I am happy to say that i know have 137 skeins of sock yarn!!

    Are you a crazy person or something!