Monday, March 2, 2009


Tomorrow, I turn 21. Honestly, I'm shocked that I made to 21 without seriously injuring myself. I am very dopic and klutzy, I somehow manage to stub my toe, hit my head, bang my knee or something dumb like that almost every day. So the fact that I've only had 2 broken bones (one of which was not my fault) really surprises me. Not that I want to break my bones, but that I haven't broken more.
I half excited and half terrified about this birthday. Excited because OMG!! I'm 21 and can now legally drink and buy alcohol and terrified because, well, I'm turning 21. I don't feel 21. I still giggle whenever someone says butt (I'm sopshicated like that) and I still squueee whenever I see something with scooby doo or finding nemo on it (I just bought a cute little bowl with wall-e in it and I buy the scooby doo cheese). I still act like a 5 year old a lot and I doubt turning 21 will change that.
I have no idea what the next year of my life will entail, but I will say one thing.

Even though I don't like it. I can drink it!
As for knitting, well
It's my birthday and I can knit what I want to.


  1. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!! When I turned 21 we had just moved to a dry county - I didn't really drink much but I sure was bummed there weren't any bars for me to go out to just because. Have a great day!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    When I turned 21, my boyfriend took me out to dinner and when I ordered a drink, I didn't get carded! I was so disappointed that he got the waiter to come back and card me. :)

    Don't worry about not feeling grown up. It's not about the number, and there's no rush.