Friday, November 6, 2009


First, thank you so much for all your kind words about Miss Marple. She was such a wonderfully sweet cat and she will be missed tremendously.
The day after I got home from Rhinebeck, I got sick. Turns out, the group of people I hung out with (Completely pointless and arbitrary group group on Ravelry), most of us got the Swine Flu, so we've taking to calling Rhinebeck, Swinebeck. Hence the post title. I'm mostly better, but I still have a cough and I can't do a lot for a while. I've been somewhat drained of energy. But compared to how sick I was, I'm much better. At one point, my fever was so high I thought the seals were after me and the monkeys wanted to eat my brains. Of course, I couldn't find a thermometer till after my fever broke and then, it was about 104. A day or so after it broke, I also passed out. Apparently, eating helps you not pass out. Which, in case you didn't know, really is not good. I had no desire to eat at all and even now, it's hard for me to get up the desire to eat. For some reason, the entire time I was sick, all I wanted was a kiwi. And I still want kiwi's. I get the oddest cravings when I'm sick.
Now, RHINEBECK! My gorgeous Entrelac scarf that I finished in the nick of time and I had a great time. And the scarf even got it's photo taken a few times and was told how lovely and gorgeous and amazing it was (blog post coming soon). I barely took any photos. I blame the wool fumes. Wool fumes tend to make me forget everything. My mother couldn't make it because she is having health problems (she can barely walk, she has such pain in her legs. The doctors have no idea why) so I went up by myself. And I'm so proud of me. I didn't go insane and buy everything in site. I had a plan and I stuck to it. I know, I'm as shocked as you. I wanted to get the cowboy Tsock kit, a spindle, some Ellen's half pint sock yarn, and a fleece. I did really well. Other then fleece. I got 3. Whoops.

Here, we have my haul. The cowboy Tsock kit that I can't wait to make, my spindle with a merino/tencel blend on it, above that is some more merino/tencel. Both are from the Sheep Shed and I just adore them. Then we have the yarn, the red and blackish grey (which I call Vampire yarn) and the blue and yellow (one of her new colors, Santa Fe) are from Ellen's half pint and the other yarn, the mulberry and grey from this little stand in one of the buildings. I thought it was such a great price (about $8 for the two skeins and $4 for the grey) that I couldn't resist. The spindle is from Adam's Woodshop. I got it at the Carolina homespun booth. It's a Lizzie spindle, 16 grams cherry whorl and birch shaft and spins like nothing I've seen before. It's like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going and going and going....
Close up of the yarn
While I was up there, I was knitting a sock. A few weeks before, I decided to knit my mom a pair of socks since well, because. I finished turning the heel before I got home, and finished the sock while I was sick.
I'm hoping to finish the other one this week so I can get started on *gulp* Christmas Knitting.

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