Saturday, November 28, 2009

7 Random things

1. My family and I have yet to have thanksgiving. We're planning on having it tomorrow. There are a few reasons why we didn't have it on Thursday. The sink was clogged. And none of us really felt up to cooking. I felt very bad because..

2. Last Thursday, I suddenly got sharp, stabbing pain right above my belly button. It then later moved to my lower right side. I thought it would go away, but Monday, I gave up and went to the doctor. 2 minutes after seeing me, he told me to go to the ER. I went at 4ish, they did a few tests, and hours and hours later, they told me nothing was wrong and to go home. At around 12:30. I still have the pain, and have no idea why. My parents think it's chronic appendicitis, because that's what my mom had.

3. I need to knit faster so I can have all the gifts finished by Christmas. There are 26 days left to knit. I have one gift mostly finished, just need to crochet a strap and sew on buttons.

4. I have lovely bruises on my hands from being poked at the Er. They hurt. Especially when I poke them.

5. I'm reading a YA book about fey. After I'm done reading it, I'll be reading Issac's Storm.

6. I've been spinning. A lot. I finished Sexy Space Aliens and I'm now working on a yarn so bright it hurts your eyes. Needless to say, it is pure awesome.

7. Is it possible to eat too many clementines?

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