Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After the Storm

Over the weekend, Irene came blowing in. I never went thru a hurricane before. I hope to never again. Our damage was small compared to others. Lots of leaves and small limbs all over, a huge 20 footer blocking the driveway, and lines that bring power into the house got knocked over. We still have power, so it's ok.
New England got hit really bad, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone there.
During the hurricane, I knit this. It's Elizabeth's Cowl from the new book, Wendy knits Lace. It's a great book, lots of great patterns, ranging from just starting to somewhat advanced.
Knit in Chunky Al on size 10 needles. I've had this yarn for ages in my stash, just waiting to be something. I thought a hat, but about an hour before the hurricane started, I grabbed the yarn and cast on for the cowl. I have to block it and get a better photo, but here it is.

Rav link here.
the colour is so lovely. This is a rather fast knit, seeing as how I knit it in one night while watching Sweet land (if you haven't seen it, go watch it NOW. I think it's streaming on netflix) and my two favorite Sense and sensibility movies.
I'd knit this again, i'd love to see how it would look in some handspun.

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