Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep calm and puffy on

I am sure, by now, you have seen this pattern, the beekeepers quilt. It seems like everyone and they uncle is making one. It's adorable, and kitchy, and SQUISHY!! I've made about 20 so far and here is what I'm doing.
I'm using circs, size 4, as called for.
Using the long tail cast-on, cast on one needle (so you would have two stitches). (ignore the crappy phone pics, I don't have a camera)

Now carefully slide the first stitch off and transfer it to the 2nd needle.

You now have one stitch on each needle! Now, onto the first needle ONLY, which is the needle you cast-on with, cast-on a stitch.

Now, repeat this with the second needle.

Contine to do this till you have the amount called for in the pattern. When knitting the first round, I like to knit the first few stitches with the tail and the yarn.
Now knit your hexipuff.
For the cast off, I do a reverse grafting, So, you want to go as if to knit on the front stitch, then as if to purl on the back stitch.
Now go as if it purl and slip it off, and as if to knit (not slipping) for the second. For the back, you knit and then slip, and then go as if to purl (again, not slipping) It's easy and gets a great edge.
When I'm done, I like to take my end and weave t thru the decreases to pull them together a bit more. I find this gets the edge clearer and I don't have the gaps, which annoy me.

This is the cast-on edge.

This is the cast off edge.

This is the finished hexipuff. Isn't it adorable? I hope this helps you! If you have any questions, you can pm me on rav or email me!


  1. i likey your rainbow yarnage. and "keep calm and puffy on" :D

  2. Your puff is much puffier than my puffs.
    Am I doing it rong?

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