Monday, August 15, 2011


I have things that have "need to be knit by dates", I have two houses to clean out (my grandfathers house was sold, so now I have less then a month to empty it), I have food to make (SCONES. and cookies. and soup. plus I really want some cake). I even have some things that must be spun soon. Yet all I can do is knit these little hexipuffs from The beekeepers quilt.I'm on my fourth and I just started.
I can't stop. I have a BSJ to finish and send out this week, along with a baby hat to make. I have to take this handspun

and turn it into a daybreak shawl for a Christmas Gift. I have 5 gifts to knit for Christmas, so I'm going to try and knit them all before November. As to avoid the still awake at 4 am on Christmas day trying to finish a fetching glove.
Yet all I can manage is to make more Hexipuffs. Send help.

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